Saturday, February 13, 2010

Packed. Next Stop Melbourne.

Packed and passport in the pocket.

My baggage is borderline, so the lead I'e done up here will have to get posted back.. with a few books including the  prize of the trip: TCG James' RAF History of the Battle of Britain (Vol 1 of the air Defence of Great Britain)

I will miss the Bröt, I will miss the snow and I vill miss SWMBO. It's a long stretch this year. won't be  in her lovely clutches again til next November.

I will miss the tee und kaffee with the mixed bag of expats at CTK Episcopalian Church in Frankfurt, the glorious organ Postludes by a lovely Irish bloke named Simon.

I will miss one of the nicer quieter spots in the Gießen Seltersweg, the  Thalia Buchandlerüng..  nice spot to read and have a coffee, much quieter than your average Borders' back in Melbourne.

The Good news today is that Max the Guinea Pig is back from the vet and what was thought to be a nasty and final  tumour probably is now, something enlarged and onc he's over his infection a further X-Ray will find something far less fatal.

Speaking of Kafee, I am bringing back a 500g bag of "Orange Liquer" flavoured beans..  well I have my strange wargaming habit and SWMBO has her bizarre tastes in Coffee (OK, what else is bizarre about an Anglophile German anyway?), some undrinkable (to my taste) and some fabulous! (though I'm positive my Friends Nino and Rosa at Pellegrini's would scoff).

SWMBO is off picking up Küchen from her Granny in the next village and then we are off to stay overnght with the Parents closer to Frankfurt Flughafen, we haven't had much snow but the little we did hav yesterdaý caused chaos on the A5 south to Frankfurt.

This is supposed to be a wargaming blog so I'll pass on a link from one of my clubmates at the Knights of the Square Table a glance into the past at a year in the life of one of the Founding Fathers of our hobby, Don Featherstone from the very early 1960s.

Dave from Museum Miniatures just email to say they've posted my Defiants and .Dornier 17s. Yay!

I've put some stuff on the Ipod for the trip back as the movies coming ove were absolutely dire. Peter Ustinov recounting  his Biography, Dear Me,  a few of the old UK radio crime serials and Choral Music the lovely  SWMBO loves and the radio Series of  Absolute Power with Stephen Fry and John Bird by Mark Taverner.

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