Sunday, March 21, 2010

Facebook bigger than Google?

with apologies to George Orwell, I think Facebook is a woodpecker tapping on the skull of Humanity, Forever.

Total waste of time.. I was an early adopter but deleted it after Today Tonight hassled me..

I've aso noticed manyneophytes treat facebook communications as email. This is A Bad Thing.

I can only hope facebook is the BiX, Genie or Compuserve of C21; its a gated community, necessitated by its its shocking privacy controls..

Its not open, therefore it will like any social organism(cellular or sentient) stagnante, wither as it gets out evolved.

I hope.

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Timbo74 said...

Facebook is evil, plain and simple. I've "deactivated" my account maybe half a dozen times now and I still get emails about inane sh*te like "Vicki scored 83% on the "Movies with love in their title quiz" click here to see if you can do better.

Not to mention how many times my account gets hacked... *sigh*

I finally found out tonight how to "delete" your account, have to wait 14 days to see if it works though.