Monday, March 1, 2010

Raiden miniatures 1/600 releases

No I'm not kidding.

"Raidens"  is happily becoming  a byword for  nice castings!
from the Raiden Miniatures Website..

".. We are pleased to announce that we will now also be releasing aircraft in 1/600th Scale.  However, as there are enough manufacturers already releasing mainstream planes in this scale we have decided there is no point in just making more Spits, 109's, etc.  So we will be concentarting on two distinct topics.

First up is our 'Project Cancelled' range, this will be for all those wonderful aircraft which never got off the drawing board or were cancelled.  The first release in this range is a BAC TSR-2 which is available now, forthcoming releases will include the Avro 730, Avro Arrow & SR.177.  If you have any suggestion for future releases please feel free to drop us a line here.

The second range will be 'Luft 46' and include all those lovely fanciful German projects plus a few allied targets(Mustangs, Meteors, Tempests, etc.) to balance out the range (and allowing us to make up some Battle Sets).  This range we hope to start to release at Salute(24th April).

All you 1/285th people who are now getting worried, please don't!  1/285th will still be our main endeavour.  And you should see some more releases from us next weekend.

The Work bench has been updated and therer are some cool pics of our fortcoming JU-88A1. .."


from the website
1/600th Ranges

Project Cancelled Range
Code     Description     Designer Cost Pictures
PC601     BAC TSR-2       M        £1.00      Pic1  Pic2
PC602     AVRO 730  ** Coming Soon**

The new BAC TSR2 (lovely, aint she?)


Luft '46 Range
Coming Soon
Me I'm waiting for the stuka and Ju88  plus the mig-15 will be bagged when  they get round to releasing it..

I'd love it for Mark to plug the holes in  the other 1/600 Ranges

I can think of a Ju52 which I cant see on the Skytrex or TD lists..
any other ideas for 1/600 backfills? modern or WW2?

PS Mark, if you'rereading this how can you consider releasing a 1/285 MiG-15 without a matching F-86 Sabre????


Timbo74 said...

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once: "Horten Ho 229, or even dare I say it... the Ho 18"

Nuff said.

Bob said...

something youd like Mark to put in your christmas stocking, Timbo?

Timbo74 said...

Ah heck I'd buy them tomorrow if he made them. I'd also love for the Lardies to release a Luftwaffe '46 supplement.