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Full Thrust and Imperium Redux!

I got an email today from Jeff Lyons who confirms himself as the original author of the Full Thrust/Imperium crossover SSDs!

Jeff's happy to share, so I'll post all his material and a zipfile below.

I have to admire him as he resisted the temptation to do a sprawling Starfire or VBAM campaign..

A small operational campaign as a battle generator  was always the way to go, but Too much galaxy spanning "Doc" Smith and Iain M. Banks has spoiled me and left me with a desire to release my inner Helmuth.

Personally I blame Steve Cole. Federation and Empire, which is scaringly getting a re-release. I call it Federation and Accountancy. if a game needs banning, F&E is it.

Some Kiwis have also done a similarly effective scale effort to Jeff with a FB1 campaign using "Stellar Conquest", which I will get around to one day.

Warp War is also just the right size. anyone want a PBEM game?

Back to Jeff.. behold below. and Jeff? Thanks, sincerely from all of us.

Full Thrust / Imperium ship design sheets

A little back story...

Don Hawthorne wrote a rule conversion set for splicing Imperium and Full Thrust/More Thrust... I just tried to bring it up to speed with the Full Thrust Fleet Book 1 rules.

Version 1, we just lifted FT:FB1 ships of about the right cost and roughly the right design.  We used the Imperium rules to buy ships, pushed them around on the Imperium map and fought battles using FB1 rules.

Version 2, I tried to "simulate" the ship designs implicit in the ratios of combat factors on the board game counters.  There is a text doc in the .ZIP file explaining the guidelines I used in designing these ships.  The working budget was based on the RU cost in-game.  The conversion rate was 1 RU to 25 FB pts for warships and fighter squadrons, 1:50 for monitors, it appears to have been well over 1:100 for transports and the like.  Don't recall if motherships' RU costs include the fighters or if they are just shown on the SSD and will have to be purchased separately at 1 RU each.

Version 3 was a cleaned up version with better anti-fighter defenses, etc.  Added the Imperium RU cost of each design and the original board game combat factors on the SSD.  Tinkered with planetary assaults... the file "misc2b" shows one attempt.  Use at your own risk... not playtested.  Basically, I treated the whole planet (a painted 12" light globe) as one big space station; measure range from any point on the surface.  Make up any PSB you like to justify it; meson guns, orbital defense sats, whipping missiles around by way of gravity well maneuvers... whatever.

I was working on Version 4 ... which was wandering well away from canon FTFB rules... when I quit working on the project.  I've included a couple of samples (terran3V4 and vilani3V4) just for grins.

It works okay if you take it for what it is; a quick and dirty way of using the Imperium board games as a campaign system for FT:FB1 tabletop battles using designs that are kinda sorta representative of the ratios of beams, missiles and defenses shown on the board game counters.

It is not and was never intended to be a faithful simulation of the board game...  nor does it draw much, if anything from the broader Traveller universe.  Rather, it was primarily a means of using the Imperium board game to generate FT tabletop games.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Jeff Lyon

Missile factors:

Based loosely on the designs in the Fleet Book and the most
useful configurations of launchers and magazines.

 1 - submunitions pack x1  (mass 1)   *scout/destroyer
 2 - submunitions pack x2  (mass 2)   *destroyer
 3 - SMR x1                (mass 4)   *N/A
 4 - SML x1, magazine x4   (mass 7)   *light cruiser
 5 - SMR x2                (mass 8)   *attack cruiser
 5 - SML x1, magazine x6   (mass 9)   *heavy cruiser
 6 - ER/SMR x2, subpack x1 (mass 11)  *missile boat
 6 - SML x1, magazine x8   (mass 11)  *heavy cruiser
 7 - SML x2, magazine x8   (mass 14)  *strike cruiser
 8 - SML x2, magazine x10  (mass 16)  *strike cruiser
 9 - SML x2, magazine x12  (mass 18)  *dreadnought
10 - SML x3, magazine x12  (mass 21)  *monitor/dreadnought II
11 - SML x3, magazine x15  (mass 24)  *N/A
12 - SML x3, magazine x18  (mass 27)  *battleship

Beam factors:

Also based loosely on FB designs and attempting to closely match the 
total mass of an equivalent missile factor.

 1 - mass 1      *scout
 2 - mass 2-3    *destroyer, light/strike cruisers
 3 - mass 4-5    *destroyer
 4 - mass 6-7    *dreadnought
 5 - mass 8-9    *heavy cruiser
 6 - mass 10-12  *heavy cruiser/dreadnought
 7 - mass 13-15  *attack cruiser/battleship
 8 - mass 16-17  *N/A
 9 - mass 18-19  *monitor 
10 - mass 20-21  *dreadnought
11 - mass 22-24  *N/A
12 - mass 25-27  *battleship

Screen factors:

A bit more abstract; more a measure of the level of defenses than
the actual mass devoted to defenses.

 1 - Lvl 0 screens, max 1 PDS, no armor, weak hull (or less)
 2 - Lvl 0 screens, max 1 PDS, some armor, weak hull
 3 - Lvl 0 screens, max 1 PDS, no armor, weak hull
 4 - Lvl 0 screens, max 2 PDS, some armor, average hull
 5 - Lvl 1 screens, max 2 PDS, no armor, average hull
 6 - Lvl 1 screens, max 2 PDS, some armor, average hull
 7 - Lvl 1 screens, max 3 PDS, some armor, average hull
 8 - Lvl 2 screens, max 3 PDS, some armor, average hull
 9 - Lvl 2 screens, max 4 PDS, good armor, average hull

* an AFDC system is standard on all ships with a screen
  factor of 2 or greater except monitors
* increase max PDS by 1 for ships with no beam factors
* monitors have one extra level of hull integrity

OB based on FB1 designs

Vilani Imperium - (assuming FSE designs)

target budget: 950 pts. for warships
2x Scouts - Mistral class (variant with subpacks) (56 pts.)
4x Frigates - Ibiza class (244 pts.)
2x Lt. Cruisers - Suffren class (362 pts.)
1x Hvy. Cruiser - Jerez class (293 pts.)
Total: 955 pts. spent

1x Bulk Tanker
4x Heavy Freighters
3x Planetary Defenses (+500 pts. each)
1x Monitor - Roma class battleship.  Delete FTL and 7 hull boxes.
   New mass: 85, new cost: 300.


Terran Confederation - (assuming NSL designs)

target budget: 550 pts. for warships
1x Missile Boat - Waldberg/M class missile destroyer (101 pts.) 
6x Scouts - Mistral class (standard configuration) (168 pts.)
2x Frigates - Ehrenhold class (134 pts.)
1x Lt. Cruiser - K.P. Wilhelm class (161 pts.)
Total: 564 pts. spent

1x Bulk Tanker
6x Heavy Freighters
3x Outposts (mass 80 each)
2x Planetary defenses (+500 pts. each)
1x Monitor - Richthofen class battlecruiser.  Delete FTL and 5 
   hull boxes.  Add two armor.  New mass: 87, new cost: 300.

SSDs version 3 Vilani #1:

SSDs version 3 Vilani #2:

SSDs version 3 Terran #1:

SSDs version 3 Terran #2:

SSDs version 3 Misc #1:

SSDs version 4 Vilani #1:

SSDs version 4 Terran #1:

Zip file of All the above material

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Kobold said...

I'm the guy that did the Stellar Conquest Full Thrust campaign.

Stellar Conquest is a good campaign engine but we did find that resource production began to increase exponentially once a number of planets were in play. Ways around this would be to have a fixed Naval Budget per campaign year (the player is then head of Naval Operations rather than Empire Ruler and can't set the budget - much like the mini-campaign in More Thrust), or to reduce the number of Resource Units produced, or increase the RU to Full Thrust point exchange rate.

Maybe next campaign ;)