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Turn 3 results: Draconis Cluster Warp War Campaign

Draconis Cluster Warp War Campaign
Turn 3 Results.

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Note to observers:
TaskForce contents are secret, revealed only during combat.
Resolver comments(Bob/BASH)
Good idea of Mike's to indicate "exploring" on the move orders to indicate income for that system on the following turn, I'll adopt that in my own move orders and the report.

I've done a blank turn report template which I'll email to you, so others can have a go at things.

Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde
BASH  Turn 3
Eddore-10 builds 20BP, left :0
Luyten-6 builds 6BP, left:0
Lalande-8 builds 0, left 8
Ceti-4 builds 0, left 4

New TFs: TF4, TF5, TF6, TF7

Total Stockpiled: 12

TF1: (Luyten), Sirius
TF2: (Lalande)
TF3: (Ceti)
TF4: (Luyten)
TF5: (Eddore), Mira, Detach TF6, Alcor, detach TF7, Sadir

Controlled: Eddore-10, Lalande-8, Ceti-4, Luyten-6

BASHTF1: Sirius, BASHTF2: Lalande, BASHTF3: Ceti, BASHTF4: Luyten,
BASHTF5: Sadir, BASHTF6: Mira, BASHTF7: Alcor
People of the Wind - Turn 3
Avalon: stockpile 10BP - gain 10 BP - spend 20 BP = 0 BP
Turn 3 Re
Choth3 (TF3) created

Choth1 (TF1) (Mirach)
Choth2 (TF2) (Spica)
Choth3 (TF3) (Avalon), Bootis, detach Choth4 (TF4), Wezen

Controlled: Avalon-10, Mirach-1, Spica-1

POTWTF1: Mirach, POTWTF2: Spica, POTWTF3: Wezen, POTWTF4: Bootis
SMIRS Build/Move #3

Big Red-10 (10) - no build, 10BP
Ophiuchi-4 (4) - no build, 4BP
Indi-8 (8) - spend 3 @ TF1, 5BP
Canis-11 (11) - spend 11 create TF7
Kapetyn-7 (7) - spend 7 @ TF6

Stockpile: 19BP

TF1 (Indi) - Indi, Indi, Indi, absorb TF3, Canis, Cephei, Schedar [7 MP]
TF2 (Ophiuchi) - no move.
TF3 (Indi) - no move. Absorbed into TF1
TF4 (Canis) - no movement
TF5 (Big Red) - Indi, Canis, Kapetyn [3 MP]
TF6 (Kapetyn) - no move. Combine with TF5
TF7 (Canis) - Kapetyn [1 MP]. Combine with TF5

Final TF Positions
TF1 - Schedar (exploring), TF2 - Ophiuchi, TF4 - Canis, TF5 - Kapetyn

Controlled: Big Red-10, Ophiuchi-4, Indi-8, Canis-11, Kapetyn-7
Rhone Turn 3

Orlog: 10 BP stockpiled
Hamel: Build 2BP, 1 BP stockpile

TF1: (Scorpii) Kruger, Hamel, merge with TF4
TF2: (Altair) hold
TF3: (Barnard) hold

Controlled: Orlog-10, Hamel-3, Altair-11, Barnard-7, Scorpii-2

RHONTF1: Hamel, RHONTF2: Altair, RHONTF3: Barnard
Victory check: 300BP/20 worlds
BASH:  12BP, 4 Worlds.
POTW:  0BP, 2 Worlds.
SMIRS: 19BP, 5 Worlds.
RHON:  11BP, 5 Worlds.

Turn 4 start
Tech Level ZERO
Wormhole: Vega
Legend: Name-BP value(available Stockpile) control (B/P/S/R)

Big Red-10(20) S
Orlog-10(20) R
Avalon-10(10) P
Eddore-10(10) B
Lalande-8(16) B
Ceti-4(8) B
Luyten-6(6) B
Kapetyn-7(7) S
Ophiuchi-4(8) S
Indi-8(13) S
Canis-11(11) S
Hamal-3(4) R
Mirach-1(1) P
Spica-1(1) P
Scorpii-2(2) R
Barnard-7(7) R
Altair-11(11) R

Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.

Technical Team Lead, Galactic Conquest,
BASH - Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde,
Eddorian Extermination Systems (EES)

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