Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving Frankfurt.. reflections #3 Frankfurt Spieltrieb and the gaming scene here

[originally posted  to my Melbourne Club (Knights of the Square Table) Knights of the Square table yahoo group 13 December 2009]

"..i had my first taste of FoW yesterday too.
cossacks v germans/italians in the snow.

looks like fun, but ive always pushed ships around in preference to panzers.

the frankfurt scene is entusuastic , but dispersed.. people dont have space to play at home and  larger clubs as we see in melbourne dont seem to get started so there is no crossfertilization between the GW mob and the historicals..
where the next generation of historical amers/opponents is coming from Im not sure, they dont pay uder the same roof so they cant catch new players when they catch onto the GW scam.

boardgaming eurogaming is strong here and they hold regular meetings in cafes.. historical wargames called "cosim" here fights for a place and where it normally plays under the same roof as the rest in melbourne, cosim players  seem to struggle to find one another and play at home.

the mob I played/observed FoW with  Frankfurt Spieltreib meet in a  room  about twice the size of the FBC kitchen with 2 very nice tables  about 5x3.5ft it has the feel of a poolroom. its their rented room exclusively  members get a key for 250 euro annually.. they store and build terrain for shows (hamburg "tactika" is the german cancon mid feb)
their terrain is insulation foam modules 1x2ft.. theyre doing
the room is alas small and  no room for growth in members or a boargame  but they manage to keep a slab of beer around and a airbrush in the corner

not sure about the availability of public halls meeting spaces like we have in oz.. guess I'll sus that out when I move over here in a few years..."

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