Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leaving Frankfurt.. reflections #4 New unpainted Lead and Bag the Hun (verdammt!)

"My name is Bob and I'm a Wargamer ..
..Hi, Bob"

It's Tuesday, I leave Sunday noon. and SWMBO (my smarter cuter half, the fiancee, AKA She Who Must Be Obeyed - say it in stentorian terms aka Albert Finney in the Dresser and you get the idea, she's German and wouldn't have it any other way) and I have gone for the comfort dinner: proper German Br├Ât with Br├Âtherring.. fried herring marinated ..  on bread as only the Germans can do.. delicious!

Anyway.. what does a wargamer do? seek comfort in buying more lead of course!

The times being as they are a few disposal recession bargains are floating about and Greg (fellow clubmate and he of the blog The Ammunition Box) has acted as postmaster for my purchases which I will savour next week.

These New build New Anglian Confederation  and Federal Stats Europa ships (stats for both fleets both NAC and FSE new fleets here) for Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games I picked up these off  the trading post forums on Starship Combat News

I also got a bargain on some Kravak and UN space command fleets, stats at the link above from a local guy in Melbourne.

But the splash of the Trip here probably goes toa newly adopted game, Bag the Hun (BGG entry, TMP Review from 2005, Timbo's Advance Review(the lucky swine!) of BTH2)by those collective Lager or is it Ale-inspired Geniuses at Toofatlardies Games.

I must mention the fabulous guys at's WW2 Aviation Discussion Forum - I've never had a warmer welcome and more assistance when startng a new period/game witness these ramblings I'm a bag the Hun Sprog ad I have a few questions

Timbo (he of the blog  Tim's Wargaming Stuff a "local" BTH player who's in Bendigo) haven't met him yet, but have to say he's been (if you're reading this, my dear SWMBO) half responsible for the new lead I've bought.. plus he's a top bloke and genius if you need proof here's a map he made for Bag The Hun

"Where's the lead?" I hear you ask?

Well I ordered 1/600 Tumbling Dice Luftwaffe  and RAF Hurricane, Spitfire, Defiant and Blenheim Me109e  Me Bf110c Ju88 Ju87  Do17 and He111 forces plus decals all from Dom's Decals (good service and generous suport on the TMP and Toofatlardies forums, good vith order related email, I'll shop there again)

I caved in and also got Dom to send me some Gorgeous 1/285 Fighters from Raiden Miniatures look at them and DROOL. They are the best castings I've seen since Nic Robson at Eureka Miniatures cast the AB Miniatures 15mm Early Imperial Romans (I've long lusted after AB 15mm Ancients for DBA.. I will cave in one day)


Timbo74 said...

As long as I'm only half responsible :)

Gosh-darnit already.. ok so I cave, I'll have to get a couple of those Raidens. But only a couple. Sigh, are you happy now?

Must not look at those Full Thrust minis... must *not* look at those Full Thrust minis.

The unlucky gamer said...


I am afraid to tell you that there are no figures waiting for you here. Just a pool of melted lead. I'll be delivering it through the window late one night. :-)

See you soon