Monday, March 8, 2010

Full Thrust / Imperium SSDs and Integration Packet.

It's deliberate that I make no secret of my two favourite boardgames: GDW's  Imperium and A House Divided 
Now available from Marc Miller of through your friendly PDF supplier

Or Dark Nebula? Random Geomorpic maps? exploration? 

Be tempted at USD4.95 its a baargain.. if only other publishers kept their back catalogue on the front burner as well..

So imagine my delight when a few years ago I found Don Hawthorne's Full Thrust integration packet with Imperium at Chris Weuve's website.
(Chris, like me, is also a Stellar Conquest and Triplanetary fan as well)

I'd tracked down some SSDs (I know I'm sorry I'm a recovering SFB player!) on the internet archive but the IA doesn't archive image files consistently..alas

Mark Drake recently posted on  Boardgamegeek that he had some SSDs but no hosting space, having started this blog, a light globe (Black Globe? ;)  moment ensued an I offered to rehost them here..

I've emailed Don Hawthorne who has hapily agreed to allow a z9m9z link to Don's Ful Thrust/Imperium Integration packet

Don replied "..I'm happy there is still enough interest in both games to warrant my little effort being kept available..."

Well so are we, Don! thanks!

If you love Traveller and Full Thrustlook no further than British Isles Traveller Support's (BITS) Power Projection:Fleet - which has a fabulous Campaign System and Full Thrust Based Combat system and a conversion to Full Thrust from the High Guard and. Other Traveller ship design Systems..
(the Imperial Tigress class BB SSD is truly scary)

So here are Mark's Full Thrust SSDs for the Ships of GDW's Imperium

Terran Capitals, Monitors and Cruisers.

Terran DD, MB and Scouts

Vilani Capitals, Monitors and Cruisers

Vilani Cruisers, DDs and Scouts

I must ask Mark if he washed his ship designs through the PP:F conversion system or if these were "windage/RoThumb" FT designs,

On the other hand if you have stats for the ships of Imperium in another Traveller design system, please pass them along as washing them through PP:F would be an interesting exercise.

NB: if you'd like a PBEM game of Imperium, do get in touch :) or A House Divided

Now if only I could get a game of WARP WAR!

NB EDIT: Mark advises he got them off a bloke named Doug Evans way back when on GZG-L. thanks Doug! 

EDIT 2: Don Hawthorne has responded and is happy for the IP to be linked here.. he sounded rather chuffed that people are having fun with it!


Indy said...

I thought Doug Evans was still on the gzg-l list? Maybe not. People have posted so sporadically it's hard to keep track of who's still around, who's lurking, and who evaporated.

Thanks for posting the SSDs, though! (btw, I'm a long since recovered SFB player, I still call these SSDs ;-) ) Now if I can find minis to match 'em...

kmfrye2001 said...

Indy - Reviresco "Starguard"line make nice Terran ships and the Imperians can be scratch built.

Check out my blog for pics:

Cheers, Keith F.

Timbo74 said...

No no no no no... stop this immediately! You simply cannot layer the temptation of Traveller (THE BEST RPG ever, ahhhh sit down all you Gygax fan boys I've played D&D too) with the already existing temptation of Full Thrust. This WILL get me in trouble.

PBEM, eh?
Imperium, eh?

Never played it but I could be tempted...

Bob said...

Dark Nebula, Timbo?

randomly placed geomorphic maps?
same system as imperium?
4.95 ... baargain ;)
linked it up top as well