Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raiden Releases and more lead arrives

looking back through an email  from Mark at Raiden Miniatures Mark said back Mid -feb:

"...The Stuka & Blenheim I should be out next month, the Mig-15 later this month & the Sabre in April..."

Mark also provided advice that he thought 1.5in hexes  were ok for 1/285:

"..I personally use the 1.5" hex mats myself and feel they are fine for my 1/285th aircraft.  He-111's have never caused me any problems. Even the B-29's have moved around happily enough..."

Bag The Hun 2  was waiting for me at the post office..
rather hold it and read it than stare at the screen

The Last haf of my Order from Dom Skelton of Dom's Decals.

The balance of my order plus 2 Kette's of Raiden 1/285 He111's arrived.

Pics to follow when I can find the camera.


Chris said...

Hey, I was wondering if you had an update on the painting guide you had mentioned in my blog for North Africa?

Timbo74 said...

Bring on the pics! Those He111's must be pretty big, what around 7cm wingtip to wingtip?