Saturday, April 10, 2010

My first crack at Might and Reason

I ran 105pts of Austrians against same of Prussians (greg h.) in a small WAS (I think greg said this was a 1742 game) getting to know Might and Reason at Greg S's (yes the Greg S. of MnR/WSS fame.) place. I had great subcommander rolls!

We each defended villages which Greg S. ecalred to count against army morale if occupied.

Austrians left to right were
left 1 Grenzers cmd by 1* V ran for woods on the left and didnt bloody activate untl the turn 3.

one H art.

left inf: 3 musketeers cmd by 0*V

rt inf:
3 musketeers and 1 Grenadier cmd by 0

cav 2 cuirassier and 1 dragoon cmd by 0

I deployed my lft and rt inf. in MF.. bad mistake.

the prussian cav deployed opposite my centre and came straight up the guts as we say here in oz... the speed of prussian infantry caught me by surprise, I misjudged the rhythym of the game

Greg reffed and chuckled and offered me some free advice/proding as the lead I normally push around is spaceships and nap. naval. im not a landlubber! though I played a bit of AoR about 15 years ago and fell in love with the period.

read the rules through a few times and enjoye the flo and structure nice balance between colour/pics and meat of rules so was looking forward to giving it a whirl.

prussians shot me up badly.. though it didnt help so much that I didnt deploy in line up front. but managed to deploy into FF before musketry was an issue.

the prussian grenadiers hit my rt inf command and while I got a few hit they rolled up one unit in melee a dn I had to retire another unit to try and recover it.

they broke through and broke the retired unit and I had to test for Officer cas on my SC and CinC who were attached so I got reliable activations on that command. luckily I'd spent all my CD!
they then occupied the town. ow.

my artillery got regular hits on prussian hussar unit on my left and had my grenzers emerged more reliably from the woods on the left things might have been a bit closer.

I sent my cav around the right and managed to sweep up a few units by turn 3 though the prussian artillery evaded.

By the end of turn 4 mercifully the day had ended and we'd both exceeded our army breakpoint by 2. I was pretty happy given the caning I copped.

Greg rolled 11 I rolled 15. I broke!

I had no Lcav. Greg still had his hussars so got a bonus pursuit dice for a total of 7.

I'm buying Lcav points for my next battle!! I promise!

I lost my guns and copped 2 inf SP and 1 cav SP pursuit damage.

Great fun!

I'm going to do this again soon! just wish I'd remembered a camera!

Thanks Sam! (the bloke who wrote the rules!)

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