Monday, April 19, 2010

Full Thrust Morale ideas

A discussion on morale in Full Thrust on The Miniatures Page prompted me to dig out an idea I had back in 1997:
How about this approach:

Morale effects work to suppress targets rather than rout them except
in rare circumstances. 

Those you who've played the old tabletop Armada naval rules may
recognize and appreciate my "sea-dog" type events!

My assumption is Firecon's represent bridges or C and C's for the
B5ers if you will :-) and reflect the ability of the ship to control
itself and how it responds to incoming fire.

They're pretty simple, easy to remember, fun, not *too* silly and
follow the "D6" principle. Modifiers are restricted to avoid "Morale
check mantra" syndrome.

"Fly her apart then!" Morale Rules. (c) Bob Blanchett. 
(Jon Tuffley may of course reprint these with thanks.)

If a ship is fired on by three or more opponents, at least one of
which is inside 12" and at least one of which is their size (escort,
capital etc) or larger, 

The owning player rolls one D6 adding the number of undamaged
firecon's and other modifiers,  reading the result below:

9/more  "Target that explosion and FIRE!"

8/more No effect. If Cruiser, "Target that explosion and FIRE!"

7/more  No Effect.  if Escort, "Target that explosion and FIRE!"

2 to 6  No effect. No longer subject to
  "Target that explosion and FIRE!" result.

1. May only fire at one target this turn / Carrier may launch OR
recover (not both)

0. Fire supressed; No targets allowed on this or next turn./
Carriers may not do anything at all this turn.

-1/less Oh Dear.. 
 As result "0" plus roll a D6:

 1."Warp 9! Any heading.. engage!" 
  Roll a D2 to determine port/starboard. 
  The Ship must turn as hard as possible 
  as fast as possible; next turn. 
 2. "Jumping through Hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, Boy!"

  Ship must plot to disengage by FTL next turn.
  If a "Press Attack"  result is received next turn, the
  ship may remain on table. 
  If no FTL drive ship "strikes". 
 3. "Uh now would be a good time..Uh Scotty? Scotty?"

  Ship maintains course, and increases thrust by
  maximum next turn.
  If Maneuver drive is damaged/destroyed ship "strikes".
 4. "Ship Strikes"
  Ship maintains course and declerates by max until it  
  heaves to and surrenders to an enemy ship within 6".
  If at later any time no enemy ship is within 36"
  boarders are repelled on a 4+ (or fight a boarding
  action) and the winner gains control.
  OPTIONAL: roll a D6 when heaved to; on a 6, the
capturing ship
  is itself captured by the surrendering player.
 5. "Ship Strikes"  
 6. "Ship Strikes"

  or OPTIONAL(but recommended): 
"Lets blow this thing and go home!" or "Lets plow the road!"
  No Targeting restrictions.
  Infused by the "force" or perhaps that flask of  
  bourbon in your flight suit, you forge on targeting  
  all bearing weapons on your closest enemy forward or  
  your closest enemy with two rerolls of any single die
  when you shoot next.

Other Morale results:
"Target that explosion and FIRE!"
Ship must close to within 12"of the closest enemy ship of it's size or
larger and target as many weapons / fighters as possible until it is
destroyed or captured.
Test morale every turn ignoring all but "No Effect" and "Target that
explosion and FIRE!"

-1 Ship on last line of damage points track.
-1 "Worse" Crews.
-1 FTL OR Maneuver drive destroyed.
-1  Any nominated Flagship destroyed OR  50% of fleet ships destroyed.
+1 Testing ship or any friends within 6" subject to
    "Target that explosion and FIRE!"
+1 or -1 (tester's choice)"Better" Crews.
This post on GZG-L kicked off the thread  way back when.

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