Sunday, May 2, 2010

Now in a handy range of colours... the dPod

What is this?
Daleks by Apple?
Daleks by Ikea?

Should we call this the dPød?

Daleks serving Tea?

I'm disgusted.

The Daleks have lost their Bottle.

Even the Spitfires in Space were naff, more ID40 than Doctor Who..

oh excuse me; its DW now isn't it?

Last night's episode "Victory of the Daleks" had all the tension, , menace, drama and character depth of an episode of Kim Possible

What perhaps is more frightening is that Gatiss and Mofatt are hashing over the Holmes Canon; a 4 episode series is in production; "Sherlock"

Pastiche was the first thing that came tomind seeing Daleks carrying tea. (Gatiss has form writing and acting in "DW" Pastiches and his sketch comedy, although his first, "unquiet Dead" was tense and tight.)

"The iconic details from Conan Doyle's original books remain.." code for unrecognizable.

Arthur Conan Doyle believed in the spirit world; get your Ouija boards out folks and tell him to start spinning now.

Disgruntled of Clifton Hill

PS come back Russell Davies, please!

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Timbo74 said...

Long ago I resolved myself to being happy with whatever I get as far as Doctor Who is concerned.

Sylvester McCoy damn near destroyed the show for me... and the movie *shudder*.

So when Mr Ecclestone hit the screen I vowed to take my Dr Who and be happy with come what may.

Besides we've already had the "Golden Age of Who" (aka "The Baker Age") and a wonderful run with Mr Tennant.

I'm just happy it's still on TV.