Monday, April 19, 2010

Might and Reason Markers

Greg Savvinos had some jiffied up homegrown markers for my first Might and Reason game , so I thought I'd do my own.

Inkscape, with Prussian Black Eagle and M-T Military Order Cross command chits, Activation Markers and Strength Point Markers in PDF and SVG. All in a Good German Font!


The countersheet can be folded in half for double sided markers or a second sheet glued on the back for more counters.

What's Might and Reason? It's Sam Mustafa's Grand Tactical Miniature Wargame Rules for the Eighteenth Century.


Timbo74 said...

Great stuff. Making your own components for a game (markers, cards and whatnot) really adds a personal touch. I wish I had a better PC and printer back in the days of playing Epic, I never had enough *advance* tokens... hmmm thinking about it though maybe it was *route* tokens.

The unlucky gamer said...

They do look good.