Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Warp War!: Attack of the Microgames

Perceptors at Full Ensign Tannish! Yes Folks, its  Warp War!

A intro open demo Play by Forum game has started between the Sumerians (Mike Read) and the B.L.O.B (Babylonian Lunar Orbital Brigade, me) at Boardgame Geek Warp War page

BLOB forces have surged in a rearward fashion from the perfidious Sumerian Incursion  at Ubeid.

We're running the 40BP fixed forces Warpship only learning scenario with no, resupply repair etc and  no systemships.

Follow all the action Warp War demo at BoardgameGeek

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Initially we're using the vanilla 2nd Printing Rules, although after we've run through the basic and Advanced Scenario, we possibly may move on to using the WWDG (WarpWar Design Group) 2nd ed Rules  and variants.

Interested? Join the game thread on BGG, Comment here or PM me at BGG or join the yahoo Warpwar group

For details of the Artwork (like the above orginal cover and Winch's recent Blender Effort from the original Microgame, please checkout the website of the DaVinci of the space-gaming community: Winchell Chung. aka "Nyrath"

Winchell does amazing starmapsand his site is the goto place for rolling your own starmaps. He's done artwork for the Greats including Stellar Conquest.
His artwork and gear is o n Cafe press at Project Rho Productions

unannotated map below:
BLOB warpships at 0608, and 2 at Mari
Sumerian  warpships at Ubeid and 2 at Adab

1st detachment of the BLOB fleet has detected Sumerian insurgent forces at Erech.

BLOBW1 Grey Area and BLOBW3 That's not a knife are moving  to engage URW2 Sapelli and URW3 Fierce


Warp War Map

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Pork said...

A powerful BLOB invasion fleet intrudes dangerously close to the Sumerian homeworld.

Much gnashing of teeth and thrashing of tentacles ensues.

Will the brave Sumerians hold... or will they assume the status of dietary nutrients.

Tune in to BGG to find out!