Thursday, July 22, 2010

She who must be Ubeid or How I learned to Stop Dodging and Love Warp War


I got totally PASTED at Erech.

Two Sumerian missiles on Turn 2 left my Warpship well perhaps a pictorial explanation might be better

The First Battle of Erech in pictures:
It began well, my sturdy BLOB Fleet intercepted two slightly smaller Sumerian Warpships.. I loosed my Missiles:

The Fleet lined up.

We Sized each other up.

Then  I saw his missile Salvo.

and Beams.

BLOBW3 That's not a knife:
L0 PD=4 B=2 S=2


BLOBW3: That's not a knife
L0 PD=(4)1 B=(2)0 S=(2)0

I was saved by a point of allocated shields.

From Irresistible Star-spanning Warpship to Broken Little Red Wagon in one Salvo.

The Sumerians Scored missile Hit+1, Missile Hit+2 and threw in a point 'o beams for good measure.


Follow along or start another game at:
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