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Turn 5 Draconis Cluster WarpWar: Luyten HOLDS out against the SMIRS!

Draconis Cluster Warp War Campaign
Turn 5 results:

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Resolver comments(mike/SMIRS):
Final post-combat results for Turn 5
(Note from Bob.. I've included post batte comments from the Fracas at Luyten)
Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde
BASH Turn 5

Eddore-10 builds 20BP, left :0
Luyten-6 builds 12BP, left:0
Lalande-8 builds 24BP, left 0
Ceti-4 builds 12BP, left 0
Mira-6 builds 0BP, left 6BP
Alcor-6 builds 0BP left 6BP

Total Stockpiled: 12

TF1: (Eridani), Rastaban, Explore
TF2: (Lalande), attach to TF8,
TF3: (Eridani), Colonize and Watch the DMZ.
TF4: (Luyten), Watch the DMZ.
TF5: (Hydrae), Colonize the Eastern Reaches.
TF6: (Mira), ooh shiny!
TF7: (Alcor), ooh shiny!
TF8: (Eddore), Lalande, Attach TF2(2MP), Ceti, Attach TF9, Luyten, Detach (2MP) to TF4
TF9: (Ceti),hold until TF8, attach to TF8

BASHTF1: Rastaban, BASHTF3: Eridani, BASHTF4: Luyten
BASHTF5: Hydrae, BASHTF6: Mira, BASHTF7: Alcor, BASHTF8: Luyten

Controlled: Eddore-10, Lalande-8, Ceti-4, Luyten-6, Mira-6, Alcor-6, Eridani-8, Hydrae-9


People of the Wind
POTW: Turn 5

Avalon (30): +10, spend 40 = 0, Build Choth5
Bootis (6): +6, spend 0 = 12
Wezen (5): +5, spend 0 = 10
Mirach (2): +1, spend 0 = 3
Spica (2): +1, spend 0 = 3

Total Stockpiled: 28

Choth1 (Dubhe) - no move, colonize
Choth2 (Caph) - no move, colonize
Choth3 (Wezen), Bootis, absorb Choth4, Wolf
Choth4 (Bootis) - attach to Choth3
Choth5 (Avalon), Bootis, Wezen, Mirach, Dubhe

CHOTH1: Dubhe, CHOTH2: Caph, CHOTH3: Wolf, CHOTH5: Dubhe

Controlled: Avalon-10, Mirach-1, Spica-1, Wezen-5, Bootis-6, Dubhe-11, Caph-4


Space Marines in Red Spandex
SMIRS: Turn 5

Big Red-10 (20+10) - spend 30, create TF-7, 0 BP
Ophiuchi-4 (8+4) - no build, 12 BP
Indi-8 (13+8) - spend 11, create TF-8, 10 BP
Canis-11 (11+11) - spend 22, create TF-9, 0 BP
Kapetyn-7 (7+7) - spend 14, create TF-10, 0 BP
Schedar-7 (7) - spend 7, @ TF-3, 0 BP

Total Stockpiled: 22

TF-1 (Q7) - Crucis, detach TF-11, P7, O8, Capella, detach TF-12, Mirfak (determine BP)
TF-2 (Ophiuchi) - no move
TF-3 (Schedar) - no move
TF-4 (Canis) - no move
TF-5 (Ross) - detach TF-13, Alphard, detach TF-14, Canopus (determine BP)
TF-6 (Kochab) - no move (assume control)
TF-7 (Big Red) - Indi, absorb TF-8, Canis, absorb TF-9, Kapetyn, Diphda, Luyten (contact!)
(-)TF-8 (Indi) - join with TF-7
(-)TF-9 (Canis) - join with TF-7
TF-10 (Kapetyn) - no move
(+)TF-11 (Crucis) - no move (determine BP)
(+)TF-12 (Capella) - no move (determine BP)
(+)TF-13 (Ross) - no move (assume control)
(+)TF-14 (Alphard) - no move (determine BP)

TF Locations:
TF-1: Mirfak, TF-2: Ophiuchi, TF-3: Schedar, TF-4: Canis, TF-5: Canopus, TF-6: Kochab, TF-7: Luyten, TF-10: Kapetyn, TF-11: Crucis, TF-12: Capella, TF-13: Ross, TF-14: Alphard

Controlled Systems:
Big Red-10, Ophiuchi-4, Indi-8, Canis-11, Kapetyn-7, Schedar-7, Kochab-7, Ross-9


RHON: Turn 5

Orlog-10: 20 spent on TF6, stockpiled = 10
Barnard: 14 spent on TF7, stockpiled = 0
Altair: 0 spent, stockpiled = 22
Hamel: 3 spent on TF 3, stockpiled = 3

Total Stockpiled: 35

TF1: (Altair) detach TF5, Z14, Hamal
TF2: (Cygni) hold
TF3: (Hamel) merge w/TF4, hold
TF5: (Altair) hold
TF6: (Orlog) Scorpii-2, Barnard, merge w/TF?, Scorpii-2, Kruger

TF1 - Hamal, TF2 - Cygni, TF3 - Hamel, TF5 - Altair, TF6 - Kruger

Controlled: Orlog-10, Hamal-3, Altair-11, Barnard-7, Cygni-4
New Resource Survey: Kruger

Location: Luyten - SMIRSTF7 attacks BASHTF4 + BASHTF8
Result: BASH-TF4 retreats to F13; SMIRS-TF7 is completely destroyed. BASH-TF8 holds Luyten
 BASH report on the bloody First battle of Luyten
geez that was bloody.. I was worried about ammo.. a whole round with no hits is a big hole in my magazine!... Good battle mike you bashed the BASH and good. 4 turns.

your honour to write the batrep mate can you send out and post a final turn 5 report?
BASHW3 retreats to F13
BASH Forces retain Luyten despite a stiff Offensive from SMIRS insurgent Warp Ships, which were all driven off make that DESTROYEDwith the fighting loss of BASHSS Needs Watching.

Eddore has Liquidated the Supervisor of Luyten and is repairing, reloading and preparing defences.

The Commander of the Victorious BASHSS Xenu's Psychologist has been promoted Supervisor of Luyten
His final orders to the defending SS on the withdrawal of WS Wait, no, Don't tell me.. was "finish them off with Arrows"

Eddore calls upon all prospective partner races to join us and act now to stop the SMIRSroller.

Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.

    Yes indeed, the SMIRS went down heavily amidst thickets of BASH missiles.
    The large warpships Red Rum and Master Blaster and the SS Crimson Pirate were all destroyed.

    Note to self: dodging missiles at speed zero is a really BAD idea.

    Note to others: Watch out for the SS Xenu's Psycho. We got a few slaps in but... Yikes!

Victory check: 300BP/20 worlds
BASH: 12BP, 8 Worlds [total economic value 57].
POTW: 28BP, 7 Worlds [total economic value 38].
SMIRS: 22BP, 8 Worlds [total economic value 63].
RHON: 35BP, 5 Worlds [total economic value 35].

Turn 6 start:
Wormhole : Vega

Legend: Name-BP value(available Stockpile) control (B/P/S/R)

Eddore-10(10) B
Lalande-8(8) B
Ceti-4(4) B
Luyten-6(6) B
Mira-6(12) B
Alcor-6(12) B
Eridani-8(8) B
Hydrae-9(9) B

Avalon-10(10) P
Mirach-1(4) P
Spica-1(4) P
Wezen-5(15) P
Bootis-6(18) P
Dubhe-11(11) P
Caph-4(4) P

Big Red-10(10) S
Ophiuchi-4(16) S
Indi-8(18) S
Canis-11(11) S
Kapetyn-7(7) S
Schedar-7(7) S
Ross-9(9) S
Kochab-7(7) S

Orlog-10(20) R
Hamal-3(3) R
Barnard-7(7) R
Altair-11(33) R
Cygni-4(4) R


Fifi the Fearless Leader, speaking for the Red Spandex Marines

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