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Turn 6 Draconis WarpWar: the calm before the storm?


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Resolver comments(Indy/POTW):
Surprisingly, no combat actions in Turn 6. I expected one or two conflicts this go. Well, there's always next turn...

“Total Controled System Value” does not include systems currently being colonized. Colonizing systems become under full control at the beginning of the following turn.

I added a new subheading, "colonizing", so we can see which systems are being colonized that turn. I also tried to work up the builds/colonizing subsections so they are more uniform. Hopefully they are generic enough for everyone to easily understand, rather than try and figure out what each person's individual nomenclature is.

Note re: the map above. Rastaban and Kruger are noted as being in empire control, but are actually undergoing colonization. They should either not be flagged as empire-controlled, or the other worlds that the SMIRS and POTW are colonizing should be flagged as empire-controlled. Goof on my part for not catching this earlier.

Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde
BASH Turn 6

Eddore-10 (0+10), builds 0BP = 10 BP
Luyten-6 (0+6), builds 6BP = 0 BP
Lalande-8 (0+8), builds 0BP = 8 BP
Ceti-4 (0+4), builds 0BP = 4 BP
Mira-6 (6+6), builds 0BP = 12 BP
Alcor-6 (6+6), builds 0BP = 12 BP
Hydrae-9 (0+9), builds 3BP = 6 BP
Eridani-8 (0+8), builds 0BP = 8 BP

Rastaban-5 (0+5), colonize, 5 BP

Total Controlled Stockpiled: 60 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 57 BP

BASHTF1: (Rastaban),Colonize
BASHTF2: (E13), F13, G14, H14, I15, Pherda(2MP), Detach new TF10, W/hole to Vega(Explore)
BASHTF3: (Eridani), Watch the skies
BASHTF4: (Luyten), Hold until the last tentacle.
BASHTF5: (Hydrae), Attach 1MP, Aurigae, Detach new TF9, Scheat(Explore)
BASHTF7: (Alcor), Construct THOUGHT SCREEN
new BASHTF8: (Hydrae), wait.
new BASHTF9: ...,Aurigae(Explore)
new BASHTF10: ...,Pherda(Explore)

Controlled Systems: Eddore-10, Lalande-8, Ceti-4, Luyten-6, Mira-6, Alcor-6, Eridani-8, Hydrae-9, Rastaban-5

People of the Wind
POTW: Turn 6

Avalon-10 (0+10), spend 0 = 10 BP
Bootis-6 (12+6), spend 0 = 18 BP
Wezen-5 (10+5), spend 15 = 0 BP, build CHOTH6
Mirach-1 (3+1), spend 0 = 4 BP
Spica-1 (3+1), spend 0 = 4 BP
Caph-4 (4+4), spend 0 = 8 BP
Dubhe-11 (11+11), spend 0, = 22 BP

Wolf-7 (0+7), colonize, 7 BP

Total Controlled Stockpiled: 66 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 38 BP

Choth1 (Dubhe), Mirach, Spica, Almach, determine BP
Choth2 (Caph), Mizar, determine BP
Choth3 (Wolf), detach Choth4, Arcturus, determine BP
Choth4 (Choth3) – detach in Wolf, colonize
Choth5 (Dubhe), no move
Choth6 (Wezen), Mirach, detach TF7, Polaris, determine BP
Choth7 (Mirach), no move

CHOTH1: Almach, CHOTH2: Mizar, CHOTH3: Arcturus, CHOTH4: Wolf,
CHOTH5: Dubhe, CHOTH6: Polaris, CHOTH7: Mirach

Controlled Systems: Avalon-10, Mirach-1, Spica-1, Wezen-5, Bootis-6, Dubhe-11, Caph-4


Space Marines in Red Spandex
SMIRS: Turn 6

Big Red-10 (0+10) - spend 0, 10 BP
Ophiuchi-4 (12+4) - no build, 16 BP
Indi-8 (10+8) - spend 0, 18 BP
Canis-11 (0+11) - spend 0, 11 BP
Kapetyn-7 (0+7) - spend 0, 7 BP
Schedar-7 (0+7) - spend 0, 7 BP
Kochab-7 (7+7), spend 0, 14 BP
Ross-9 (0+9), spend 9, 0 BP

Mirfak-4 (0+4), colonize, 4 BP
Canopus-7 (0+7), colonize, 7 BP
Alphard-8 (0+8), colonize, 8 BP
Capella-6 (0+6), colonize, 6 BP
Crucis-3 (0+3), colonize, 3 BP

Total Controlled Stockpiled: 73 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 63 BP

TF-1 (Mirfak) – no move (colonize)
TF-2 (Ophiuchi) - no move
TF-3 (Schedar) - no move
TF-4 (Canis) - no move
TF-5 (Canopus) – no move (colonize)
TF-6 (Kochab) - no move
TF-10 (Kapetyn) - no move
TF-11 (Crucis) - no move (colonize)
TF-12 (Capella) - no move (colonize)
TF-13 (Ross) - no move
TF-14 (Alphard) - no move (colonize)

TF Locations:
TF-1: Mirfak, TF-2: Ophiuchi, TF-3: Schedar, TF-4: Canis, TF-5: Canopus, TF-6: Kochab, TF-10: Kapetyn, TF-11: Crucis, TF-12: Capella, TF-13: Ross, TF-14: Alphard

Controlled Systems:
Big Red-10, Ophiuchi-4, Indi-8, Canis-11, Kapetyn-7, Schedar-7, Kochab-7, Ross-9


RHON: Turn 6

Orlog-10 (10+10), spend 20 = 0 BP, build TF7
Barnard-7 (0+7), spend 0 = 7 BP
Cygni-4 (4+4), spend 0 = 8 BP
Altair-11 (22+11), spend 0 = 33 BP
Hamel-3 (3+3), spend 3 = 3 BP

Kruger-10 (0+10), colonize, 10 BP

Total Controlled Stockpiled: 51 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 35 BP

TF1: (Hamal) Kruger, Scorpii, Barnard
TF2: (Cygni) hold
TF3: (Hamel) detach TF4, Z14, Altair
TF4: (Hamel) hold
TF5: (Altair) merge with TF3
TF6: (Kruger) detach TF8, X15, Y15, Altair, merge with TF3
TF7: (Orlog) Scorpii, Kruger, Hamel, Z14, Altair (2 movement points), merge with TF3
TF8: (Kruger) hold

TF Locations:
TF1: Barnard, TF2: Cygni, TF3: Altair, TF4: Hamel, TF8: Kruger

Controlled Systems:
Orlog-10, Barnard-7, Hamel-3, Cygni-4, Altair-11

Result: n/a


Victory check: 300BP/20 worlds
BASH: 60BP, 8 Worlds [total economic value 57].
POTW: 66BP, 7 Worlds [total economic value 38].
SMIRS: 73BP, 8 Worlds [total economic value 63].
RHON: 51BP, 5 Worlds [total economic value 35].

Turn 7 start:
Wormhole: Deneb

Turn 6 Cashbook:
Legend: Name-BP value(available Stockpile) control (B/P/S/R)
Includes systems currently undergoing colonization

Eddore-10(10) B
Lalande-8(8) B
Ceti-4(4) B
Luyten-6(0) B
Mira-6(12) B
Alcor-6(12) B
Eridani-8(8) B
Hydrae-9(6) B
Rastaban-5(5) B

Avalon-10(10) P
Mirach-1(4) P
Spica-1(4) P
Wezen-5(0) P
Bootis-6(18) P
Dubhe-11(11) P
Caph-4(8) P
Wolf-7(7) P

Big Red-10(10) S
Ophiuchi-4(16) S
Indi-8(18) S
Canis-11(11) S
Kapetyn-7(7) S
Schedar-7(7) S
Ross-9(0) S
Kochab-7(14) S
Mirfak-4(4) S
Canopus-7(7) S
Crucis-3(3) S
Capella-6(6) S
Alphard-8(8) S

Orlog-10(10) R
Hamal-3(3) R
Barnard-7(14) R
Altair-11(33) R
Cygni-4(4) R
Kruger-10(10) R


Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.

Technical Team Lead, Galactic Conquest,
BASH - Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde,
Eddorian Extermination Systems (EES)
Death Stars? We don' need no steenkin Death Stars!

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