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Turn 7 Draconis WarpWar:The BASH put their tin hats on

Draconis Cluster Warp War Campaign
Turn 7 results:

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Resolver comments(Indy/POTW):
Yes, Virginia, there was combat during Turn 7.

Avalon BuShips reported that they had a new choth ready to fly out to Vega and make first contact with the ugh of Boskoney TF in that system. Choth 9 proceeded out and reached Vega, challenged the BASH unit. The BASH task force immediately retreated, with a “feh, this worthless star system? Not worth fighting over” The BASH TF ended the turn in hex W9.

Repeat note: “Total Controlled System Value” does not include systems currently being colonized. Colonizing systems become under full control at the beginning of the following turn.

I’m going to add empire flags to systems that are being colonized that do NOT fall into combat zones or conflict. This way you can see who owns which star system by the end of the turn. This is different than who has what bankrolled and whatnot at the beginning of the turn.

There is some discrepancy between what I think the RHONE have for stockpiled and a TF position and what Thom’s orders indicate. I have an email out to him regarding these. If there are changes to be made because I missed something, I will update this post.

Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde
BASH Turn 7

Eddore-10 (10+10), builds 20BP = 0 BP new TF13
Luyten-6 (0+6), builds 6BP = 0 BP
Lalande-8 (8+8), builds 16BP = 0 BP new TF11
Ceti-4 (4+4), builds 0BP = 8 BP
Mira-6 (12+6), builds 0BP = 18 BP
Alcor-6 (12+6), builds 18BP = 0 BP new TF12
Hydrae-9 (6+9), builds 0BP = 15 BP
Eridani-8 (8+8), builds 16BP = 0 BP
Rastaban-5 (0+5)), builds 0BP = 5 BP

Scheat-3, Vega-4, Pherda-10, Aurigae-1

Total Controlled Stockpiled: 46 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 62 BP

BASHTF1: (Rastaban), Alcor, Attach TF12, Rastaban, Eridani, Detach TF12 to TF3
BASHTF2: (Vega), Colonize.
BASHTF3: (Eridani), Watch the skies
BASHTF4: (Luyten), Hold until the last tentacle.
BASHTF5: (Scheat), Colonize.
BASHTF6: (Mira), Cartwheels.
BASHTF7: (Alcor), See those Asteroids? paint 'em white! ALL of them.
BASHTF8: (Hydrae), get the washing in.
BASHTF9: (Aurigae), Colonize
BASHTF10: (Pherda), Colonize
new BASHTF11: (Lalande), ..Attach to TF13, .. , Detach at Luyten to TF4
new BASHTF12: (Alcor), ..Attach to TF1, .. , Detach at Eridani to TF3
New BASHTF13: (Eddore), Lalande, Attach TF11, Ceti, Luyten, Detach TF11 to TF4

Controlled Systems: Eddore-10, Lalande-8, Ceti-4, Luyten-6, Mira-6, Alcor-6, Eridani-8, Hydrae-9, Rastaban-5

People of the Wind
POTW: Turn 7

Avalon-10 (10+10), spend 20 = 0 BP
Create TF8
Bootis-6 (18+6), spend 20 = 4 BP
Create TF9
Wezen-5 (0+5), spend 0 = 5 BP
Mirach-1 (4+1), spend 0 = 5 BP
Spica-1 (4+1), spend 0 = 5 BP
Caph-4 (8+4), spend 10 = 2 BP
Create TF11
Dubhe-11 (22+11), spend 30 = 3 BP
Wolf-7 (7+7), spend 5 = 9 BP
Create TF10

Arcturus-8 (0+8), colonize, 8 BP
Mizar-7 (0+7), colonize, 7 BP
Almach-1 (0+1), colonize, 1 BP
Polaris-5 (0+5), colonize, 5 BP

Total BP/turn: 45
Total stockpiled: 33

TF1: (Almach), colonize
TF2: (Mizar), colonize
TF3: (Arcturus), colonize
TF4: (Wolf), colonize
TF5: (Dubhe), no move
TF6: (Polaris), colonize
TF7: (Mirach), no move
TF8: (Avalon), Bootis, Wolf, attach TF10, Arcturus, Antares, detach TF10, Caph
TF9: (Bootis), Wezen, Z8, Y8, Vega
TF10: (Wolf), attach TF8, detach TF8 in Antares, explore
TF11: (Caph), no move

TF1: Almach, TF2: Mizar, TF3: Arcturus, TF4: Wolf,
TF5: Dubhe, TF6: Polaris, TF7: Mirach, TF8: Caph,
TF9: Vega, TF10: Antares, TF11: Caph

Controlled systems: Avalon-10, Bootis-6, Wezen-5, Mirach-1, Spica-1, Caph-4,
Dubhe-11, Wolf-7

Space Marines in Red Spandex
SMIRS: Turn 7

Big Red-10 (10+10) - spend 0, 20 BP
Ophiuchi-4 (16+4) - spend 0, 20 BP
Indi-8 (18+8) - spend 26 @ TF-7, 0 BP
Canis-11 (11+11) - spend 22 @ TF-4, 0 BP
Kapetyn-7 (7+7) - spend 0, 14 BP
Schedar-7 (7+7) - spend 0, 14 BP
Kochab-7 (14+7), spend 21 @ TF-6, 0 BP
Ross-9 (0+9) - spend 0, 9 BP
Mirfak-4(4)- spend 0, 4 BP
Canopus-7(7) - spend 7 @ TF-5, 0 BP
Crucis-3(3) - spend 0, 3 BP
Capella-6(6) - spend 0, 6 BP
Alphard-8(8) - spend 0, 8 BP

Total Controlled Stockpiled:98 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 98 BP

TF-1 (Mirfak) – M7, Kochab, load SS, Schedar, Cephei, detach TF-8, Canis
TF-2 (Ophiuchi) - no move
TF-3 (Schedar) - no move
TF-4 (Canis) - no move
TF-5 (Canopus) – load SS, Draconis (explore)4
TF-6 (Kochab) - no move
TF-7 (Indi) - no move
TF-8 (Cephei) - no move (explore)
TF-10 (Kapetyn) - no move
TF-11 (Crucis) - no move
TF-12 (Capella) - no move
TF-13 (Ross) - no move
TF-14 (Alphard) - L11, L12, Lyrae (explore)

TF Locations:
TF-1: Canis, TF-2: Ophiuchi, TF-3: Schedar, TF-4: Canis,
TF-5: Draconis, TF-6: Kochab, TF-7 Indi, TF-8 Cephei,
TF-10: Kapetyn, TF-11: Crucis, TF-12: Capella, TF-13: Ross,
TF-14: Lyrae

Controlled Systems:
Big Red-10, Ophiuchi-4, Indi-8, Canis-11, Kapetyn-7,
Schedar-7, Kochab-7, Ross-9, Mirfak-4, Canopus-7, Crucis-3,
Capella-6, Alphard-8

Cephei, Draconis, Lyrae

RHON: Turn 7

Orlog-10 (0+10), spend 0 = 0 BP, build TF7
Barnard-7 (7+7), spend 14 = 0 BP
Cygni-4 (8+4), spend 12 = 4 BP
Altair-11 (33+11), spend 0 = 44 BP
Hamel-3 (3+3), spend 3 = 3 BP
Kruger-10 (10+10), colonize, 20 BP


Total Controlled Stockpiled: 71 BP
Total Controlled Systems Value: 45 BP

TF1 (Barnard) merge, Scorpii, Kruger
TF2 (Cygni) hold
TF3 (Altair) hold
TF4 (Hamel) hold
TF5 (Cygni) hold
TF8 (Kruger) hold

TF Locations:
TF1: Kruger, TF2: Cygni, TF3: Altair, TF4: Hamel, TF8: Kruger

Controlled Systems:
Orlog-10, Barnard-7, Hamel-3, Cygni-4, Altair-11, Kruger-10

Location: Vega
Result: BASH TF retreats to W9, POTW Choth 9 in Vega


Victory check: 300BP/20 worlds
BASH: 46BP, 9 Worlds [total economic value 62].
POTW: 33BP, 8 Worlds [total economic value 45].
SMIRS: 98BP, 13 Worlds [total economic value 98].
RHON: 71BP, 5 Worlds [total economic value 45].

Turn 7 start:
Wormhole: Pherda

Turn 7 Cashbook:
Legend: Name-BP value(available Stockpile) control (B/P/S/R)
Includes systems currently undergoing colonization

Eddore-10 (0) B
Lalande-8 (0) B
Ceti-4 (8) B
Luyten-6 (0) B
Mira-6 (18) B
Alcor-6 (0) B
Eridani-8 (0) B
Hydrae-9 (6) B
Rastaban-5 (5) B
Scheat-3 (3) B
Pherda-10 (10) B
Aurigae-1 (1) B

Avalon-10 (0) P
Bootis-6 (4) P
Wezen-5 (5) P
Mirach-1 (5) P
Spica-1 (5) P
Dubhe-11 (3) P
Caph-4 (2) P
Wolf-7 (9) P
Almach-1 (1) P
Arcturus-8 (8) P
Mizar-7 (7) P
Polaris-5 (5) P

Big Red-10 (20) S
Ophiuchi-4 (20) S
Indi-8 (0) S
Canis-11 (0) S
Kapetyn-7 (14) S
Schedar-7 (14) S
Ross-9 (9) S
Kochab-7 (0) S
Mirfak-4 (4) S
Canopus-7 (0) S
Crucis-3 (3) S
Capella-6 (6) S
Alphard-8 (8) S

Orlog-10 (10) R
Hamal-3 (3) R
Barnard-7 (14) R
Altair-11 (33) R
Cygni-4 (4) R
Kruger-10 (10) R


Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.

Technical Team Lead, Galactic Conquest,
BASH - Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde,
Eddorian Extermination Systems (EES)
Death Stars? We don' need no steenkin Death Stars!

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