Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warp War Draconis Campaign started at BGG

ASF_0300.jpgWell folks, its off and running
Follow the intergalactic stoush between mighty galaxy spanning  missile and beam trolleys at:
the contenders:
In the Red cornah!
the Eddorian Marhvel, that Pugilist from Ploor: The B.A.S.H!  -  Boskone Aeronautical Space Horde
in the Black Corner:
the Avalonian Avengah! the Silent Storm... it's the  POTW!  the People of the Wind!
and looking resplendent in his Green battleshorts, hailing from Orlog.. Come on down the Rhones!
and yes folks, Semper Finally if you want someone disintegrated,  you'll call that Blofeld of Biff, those Space Marines in Red Spandex, the men from Big Red: The S.M.I.R.S!!!

At the start of the game: the wormhole is in Pherda

WW refless BGG play by forum campaign.
Rules in force:
Original WW rules using the advanced scenario.
Rules 4,6,7,8 and 9 from the campaign rules in Space gamer 33:
"building ships", "star possession",
"diplomacy option and alliances", "scrapping ships"
the "home defense"(neutral SS) rule is not used.
Standard common Tech advancement (every *5* turns) is used.
The Stellar conquest map with dust and Wormhole rules at the warp war
page at boardgame geek are in effect.
starhex ownership,BP value and stockpiled BP after expenditure is
deducted are open
Task forces:
these are the units that are placed and move on the map. (Wx and Sx markers both will be use regardless of forces in the TF)
for this game we'll rely on trust for players to maintain their own records of what ships are in each task force.
their contents are secret and are only known when they meet opposing players in combat.
TF may consist of nomore than 5 warpships with any number of SS in
racks OR if stationary on a starhex, no more than 5 warpships with any
number of systemships.
TFs may combine or be created only at the start of a movement phase.
TF may move together.
The exception is TF created when SS are dropped during movement or during combat and left as the victorious force.
Game process:
Each turn a player resolve move results and publish an updated known
planet list, after all moves are submitted and decryption passwords
are posted.
Combats are resolved via email in private between the affected players
via email surviving players publishing a battle report/propaganda to
the forum as they wish.
players update and post a new campaign map on BGG.
Dice server:
order and TF encryption on the fly at:
Encryption and passwords:
encryption is used to allow refless order submission
after using site to encrypt their build and movement orders
after all encrypted moves have been posted players post their passwords.
the last player posting move orders need not encrypt and can post in clear.

300BP stockpiled on controlled planets or 20 controlled planets.
determine the beginning wormhole destination planet by dise roll.
players bid for their choice of starting HW(each worth 10BP)
players build their 20BP starting fleet and allocate to task forces.
new income, builds and repairs, reorganize and create/combine TFs
players submit encrypted build orders and submit an encrypted
list of each TF.
players publically indicate the total spent at each world.
TF may move at up to the speed of the slowest Warpship the TF.
players plot moves in the form of a comma separated list of
spacehe numbers or starhex names.
TF may hold on a starhex for a given MP by repeating the starhex name.
TF meeting in a starhex stop all movement.
TF must end movement in a starhex they wish to control/explore (ie
determine its BP value at the end of the current turn)
In the case of TF meeting in a starhex on the same MP, the TF
expending the most MP that move phase is considered faster, arriving first and is the
note that dust rules require 2MP per dust hex entered.
TF may drop OR pickup SS (as movement in a non-contested starhex)
at a cost of of 1MP per action per warpship in TF.
players resolve combat privately, revealing first their forces i the battle the echanging encrypte combat orders /passwords to each other
for contesting TFs.
Surviving players may post battle reports/propaganda
check for victory
determine next turns wormhole planet by diceroll.
dice 2d6-1 for each newly discovered starhexes

Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.
Technical Team Lead, Galactic Conquest,
BASH - Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde,
Eddorian Extermination Systems (EES)
Death Stars? We don' need no steenkin Death Stars!

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