Friday, August 20, 2010

Eddore Selects Harkonnen Services to act on its behalf.

In the face of consistent misinformation and vilification from Quarters Avalonian, EES have employed Harkonnen Services, PLC, the galaxy famed Indigenous Relations and Gelati Supply company to act on our behalf in the public press.

Harkonnen Services wishes to reassure the galaxy of the benign and beneficient nature of Eddore's  duodec-assisted guided GPRS (Guided Population Reduction Scheme) and assures the inhabitants of the Draconis Cluster that this activity will be completed as expeditiously and covertly has possible by Harkonnen Services designated subcontractors from Delgon (Velantia II).

Press queries to: Glossu Rabban Harkonnen, Coordinator Client Relations, Harkonnen Services PLC

As usual please address all pleas for mercy and other Futile Supplications to the High Council of Eddore

Dandr'ugh, speaking For Boskone.
all details at:
Technical Team Lead, Galactic Conquest,
BASH - Boskonian Astronautical Space Horde,
Eddorian Extermination Systems (EES)
Death Stars? We don' need no steenkin Death Stars!

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