Sunday, October 10, 2010

892 characters over-Bob joins melb SF meetup group

250 char Limit??? (ok so no unicode next time)
Some kids spent their church fete pocketmoney on lamingtons; me I bought boxes of pre-loved SF novels and short stories.

Grand masters, new wave, pulp, space opera, young guns.. These days I read Iain Banks,  Ken Macleod, Pratchett, Brin, reread Niven, McCaffrey, Clarke, Harrison and read Margaret Attwood (just to spite her even if she claims SF is "about Talking Squid, rayguns and spaceships").

Was at one stage (and probably still)  hold the record as the youngest ever member of Austrek.. #205(retired hurt age 12)

Ansible Subber; Fondly haunt Sybers and was once briefly locked inside Borders Carlton lost in an armchair with coffee and nose in book. (or was it nose in coffee with a book?)

Former Elf and Wandering remittance man exiled from the Royal Houses of Lothlorien after an accident with a firecracker and a pinata at the buffet table at the Vorlon Embassy. (oh the pain!)

Graduate of the Duck Dodgers Driving School.
Saw Star Wars (in the cinema) for my birthday 4 years running (We hold the record for Blues Brothers AND Star Wars in 1st run; Melbourne SF people ROCK!)

Composer of some of the worst puns in the 'verse (some claim I've made Vogons cry); Collector of Collective Nouns and other mythical untamed adjectives.

New years Resolution is to commence reading the Gollancz/Orion SF Masterworks series blog reviews and finish it before 2020.
Will stop singing for coffee.

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